This is my second (actually third after a dumb "delete" disaster) go at setting up a blog/news site. Please be patient - it will be very slow growing!

Russia and back

Twelve days in Russia - St. Petersburg to Moscow via riverboat. Finally back to "normal" after our return 10 days ago. Great bike ride yesterday, first in weeks - weather stays beautiful. Well almost normal - Russia still invades my dreams. It was a fascinating trip. The country is lurching towards becoming a free market democracy but vast corruption and the ignoring of constitutional protections reign. A growing middle class (ours appears to be shrinking!) seems to be the force which may make for change. Criticism of Putin is widespread, particularly in Moscow. People are very friendly, though English speaking not easy to find. Will be posting pics soon -

Petergof, 2013 from Marc Weiss on Vimeo.

Back on the bike!

The weather has finally moderated - it's been a wicked hot start to the summer here. But I got back on my bike for my first real ride in ages and I sure felt it. Same again the next day and feeling it - sore ass and all. Boy, am I out of shape. It's going to be a long haul I'm afraid. Certainly tougher as age takes its toll.

Latest (last?) project - new fence.

I just finished rebuilding our condo's yard fence. Unfortunately a weeklong 90+ degree heat wave just about finished me. The old fence was totally rotted out except, fortunately, for most of the fence posts. Nonetheless demolition took many hours and construction many trips to Home Depot. I think it looks pretty good . . .

View from front

A New Tree!

The Cambridge DPW just planted our new replacement - here it is:

View from above

All gone -

Nothing left but sawdust. The Cambridge DPW came last week and finished the job.

View from above

Another tree done gone . . .

No hurricane this time but an aging flowering tree in front of our house collapsed suddenly last Friday. It took out our Comcast cable line - no TV, land-line or internee for about 30 hours. I did learn how to use our smartphone as a tethered internet connection which eased our sudden no communication discomfort.

View from above:

View from above

Trimming away:


Irene's visit

Irene has come and gone, not much of a problem here. Some neighborhood photos -

A block away:


Rotten to the core:


Our street wasn't totally untouched :)!

New weather station

I've just completed putting up a basic weather station at our new home. This time it's a wireless system from Ambient (WS2080). There's great free software, Cumulus, that I'm using to post the local detailed weather (http://weather.theweissguy.com). No wind data since it's impossible to site it well without getting up on my too steep and many gabled roof. The Brewster station is now history as is our life there. So much going on here.

Our New Home

We are here - our GMTC (Great Move to Cambridge). Computers are finally up and updated, boxes unpacked but still some more to go. Moving from our great big house to our much smaller (but still big for a condo) Cambridge home meant much throwing out, storing in attic and basement. Lugging up and down three flights of stairs helped keep us in shape. It certainly makes for a good nights sleep! Our neighborhood is beautiful, five minutes from Porter Square. Lovely homes, lots of trees and full of flowering gardens.

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